Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

This isn't happening

SOOO i was like watching the glee project 2 and i was so pumped watching episode one. but when i got to the end of episode two i was so fucking pissed. kay. enjoy this last chance performance by dani shay thank u. so dani was like yeah i'm gonna sing landslide and see if i can rock it.
you're so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! WHY

here she was like hmm this song fits my emotion so well i cried and had so much feels during the last 2 hours cry cry


your voice... it's lovely

landslide was the best... god dani. then it was time to see who wasn't called back and i was all nervous and she was too and let's see what happens next shall we

and i was like
you're kidding right. tell me you are. please.

but then ryan murphy was all

and i kinda was like

but then dani was like

baby girl no don't cry please oh my god you're breaking my insides baby DON'T CRY STOP

AND I FUCKING LOST IT. i just fucking broke down and everything in front of my computer and i just can handle a crying dani. never. ever. dani baby girl please don't cry i love u. even though the glee project won't be as fun when dani is around, i'll keep watching it. and i know dani will be something else. i just know it. whatever happens, i'll support fucking dani shay til the fucking end of the world cuz look at her

superhero for life :)

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Gotta have roots before branches
To know who I am
Before I know who I wanna be
And faith to take chances
To live like I see

A place in this world for me.

Minggu, 03 Juni 2012




baby girl


HAHAHAHAH sims. i'm playing sims 3 showtime right now and it's frickin awesome cause my sims are naya rivera as a performer and mark salling as a chef lol they're hooking up tho love some savera BUT WHY DIDN'T I MAKE IT A MCVERA INSTEAD WHY

hello puss

wow naya you fucking stupid stupid stupid stupid perfect stupid stupid human being 

all me saw is boobies what does it feel to lay your head on those dianna what 

HAHAH speak of the devil. good evening collar bone. JUST. LET ME LOVE YOU BABY GIRL


wow i fucking love you

HAHAHAH AHHAHA dianna agron on faberry. must see.

HAHAH true. those fucking trolls.



lookie here. looking forward 




please be the mother of my children... wait

AJLKSDAKLDFHLKA what do words are doing 

Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Bitch You're Doing It Wrong


So, there has been something that really really really disturbed me everytime I log on to my Facebook account. Yeah, someone is causing this disturbance. Figures. Every time, like really, every fucking time I'm trying to go through my Facebook home in peace to search for some likeable stuff, fucking terrible things comes out just like that. And the person has always been the same LOL WHY. No, I'm not saying that I hate you personally, I hate people like you generally. Yeah, so I'm saying this to the rest of the world, please do not ever do what I'm going to rant about, ever. I beg you.

Okay, so this is about idols and their fans. You know how there are some crazy fans and how these crazy fucking fans use to claim artists that they like to be theirs and theirs only, right? Yeah, this is another situation of that fucking shit. So, one day I went to my Facebook because lol what else can I do and I found the daily photos that this person use to share everytime she, or whoever this person is, goes online. And you know what? these photos and posts aren't just one or two. Fucking millions filling up my home as if I'm looking at her fucking profile. And I don't have any problem with that, to be honest. I mean, that's the way people express what they're into and it's perfectly fine. I do it all the time and  I even encourage people to do so. It helps. What I have a problem with is the fact that she posts statuses like "You said that you're a fan of bieber, but you don't even know his favorite food or his hobby" (it's in Indonesian but ya know how I dislike the sound of Indonesian language combined with English. Fucking terrible). Anyway, what the effing fuck? Do you even believe that someone says something like this? It's fucking hilarious.

So, you're saying that if I don't know what their favorite food and activities, I'm not really a fan? Bitch what the hell do you think you're saying? Yeah, so you know what our idol's favorite food, so what? This is not a fucking competition, asshole. You're so stupid that you think if you know more about this artist, you'd win. Hell no, you ain't giving me that crap. So what if I don't know some unimportant stuff about my role models? So what if I only care about the acting or the music or their work of art? Aren't those the things that really matters if you like someone? Not their fucking favorite food or hobby. Those are just the cute little bonuses. And yeah, those things are kind of important if you love this person, but you can't expect someone to know fucking everything about this person to actually be a fan of him or her. Whatever.

And what you're doing is what I like to call "Starting a fucking war in own territory". Why? Because you're against your own fandom. You're talking about your fan mates, honey. In a bad way. So bad that maybe because of your stupidity, they decided not to be a fan of your idol anymore. Because of you. Oh it's so easy for people to hate you. But well, you're not worth their time. So, maybe many people dislike an artist not because of they don't like his/her work, but because of the fucking crazy fans out there like you. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself for destroying your idol's career. SHAME ON YOU.

Being a good fan: bitch, you're doing it all fucking wrong.

I came to a realization that my attention is needed elsewhere, and my dreams can wait.

Do we stay home all the time because you want me to yourself? Or am I locked away out of fear that I'd find someone else? Well, I don't like living under your spotlight just because you think I might find somebody worthy. Maybe if you treat me right, you don't have to worry. Is this relationship fulfilling your needs as well as mine? Or is this just my sentence? Am I doing time? If this is love, real love, then I'm staying, no doubt. But if I'm just love's prisoner, then I'm busting out. What the hell do you think you're doing? Loving me, loving me so wrong. All I do is try to show you that you're my one and only, no matter who may come along. Open your eyes because I don't lie.